Following the path

Psalm 119:105 “Your word is lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.”

The path that led us to Casa Shalom has required a leap of faith – much like backpacking in the forest at night. You aren’t really sure what’s on the trail in front of you, and all you really have is the light from a headlamp illuminating 10 feet ahead of the current step. You don’t really know when you’re going to drop that heavy pack and set up camp… or where your destination will be. In backpacking that’s really exciting! In life, it can be much more terrifying. That scenario has made that verse in Psalm 119 come alive. God’s directions often do not go forth with a spotlight on the destination. It’s a lamp, and it’s pointed at my feet – showing only the ground just a few steps ahead. Only faith lets me know when I have arrived at a place to camp.

So, this path… the one filled only with His lamplight… it feels like a new trail. But, as I look back on my life, it appears I’ve traveled on it for many miles. I’ve come to a fork on the trail. One way is financial security, comfort, and wealth. The other is vastly unknown, probably not very safe, and promises to be a punch in the gut of my pride and hole in the armor of financial security. It’s really a no-brainer on paper. So, I guess all I can do is stop using paper to determine the voice of the Lord. To be honest, it’s exhausting running from the Lord. Ask Jonah.

Just over a year ago, I quit my job, running all of operations at the family business. For nearly 5 years, I had been keeping up with insurance, accounting, marketing, purchasing, project management, maintenance, managing the crews, and doing some sales. What a training ground. For the last year I have worked for myself, buying and renovating houses. Making my own schedule, able to go anywhere at any time. It was a step of faith, though. I had no idea if I was going to fail. All I have is lamp light.

Today, I have sold 2 houses that I have renovated. Lamp light. I am days away from purchasing a rental property. Lamp light. My wife has a great opportunity to make really good money as a nurse working for the government. She could make more than she has ever made. Lamp light. After the roller coaster ride of excitement and terror, and lots of prayer, we have accepted the call. Lamp light. Questions we are asked… what about your kids? How will they do in a country like Guatemala? You know it’s dangerous down there, right? What about your house? What about that job with the government? Have you weighed the pros and cons on paper? What about school? How are you going to support yourself? Great questions… By lamp light, I guess. The truth is, I take pride in providing for my family. No matter what was going to happen, I wanted to set us up to support ourselves as much as possible. But God likes to get us to operate with faith. All I have is lamp light, an obedient heart, and a desire to help build an orphanage that can have room for more children to find peace and hope.